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Tutorials & Codes

These tutorials and codes will help you get great features whilst at the same time helping you learn a little bit about Javascript. Feel free to ask questions


Welcome to AvacWeb!

Showing you whats possible on forumotion!

What is this board about?

This board will show you what is possible on forumotion. It will show you that template editing isn't necessary to create the best boards, and that a lot of features deemed not possible ARE possible.

This board will provide you with some great tutorials and features which I hope to be educational and beneficial to you in learning Javascript. It will also house discussions regarding coding and scripting features on forumotion so you too can create your own features.

Just to clarify: This is a forumotion phpbb3 forum!

How to use this board

You'll notice the homepage here is a lot different to other boards. You'll see a mixture of tabs, which you can easily switch between without changing page. The 'Selected Forum' tab will be your main one, this will show you the topics of your "selected" forum, which you can select from the list on the left. Click on a forum to display its topics. When there are new posts in a forum you will see an orange 'NEW' icon next to the forum name in the list. Within the 'Selected Forum' tab you'll also see a description of that forum section and some options.

When viewing a thread, you'll notice a 'Reply' button in the bottom corner of each post. Click this to bring up the AvacWeb Editor© which is a new editor you should use to replying to topics,this editor allows you to quote, edit, delete and send posts with absolutely no page refresh, you will see everything happen right in front of your eyes.

You can also Thank users for their posts by clicking the 'Thank' button in the top right of posts, you can see the people who have thanked posts underneath each post, and also watch the recent thanks on the left sidebar on this homepage. You can also see some statistics regarding the thanks on the left too.

What's so great about this board?

Well if your not already sold, then sign up. You'll see a ton of things on this board that you've seen nowhere else, including advanced notifications for friend requests, wall notices and even when you are thanked by users.

You'll experience the fastest topic experience like no other on topic view you'll not see on other phpbb3 forumotion forums, including editing, posting, deleting, thanking and quoting without ever leaving the topic page, absolutely no page refresh at all. You'll find a lot of things on this board that require no refreshing or changing page, for instance our advanced inbox.

Need to hear more? Then here you are.

Premium Area

Please Note, anybody discussing or sharing the codes from this section to non-premium members or in an area other than this section will instantly lose access to the Premium area.


Staff Section

The area in this tab is only available and view-able by staff so please keep topics in here secret. You can use this area for staff discussions and such likes.